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Mystery Shopping

Retail Active are the market leaders when it comes to mystery shopping in the premium brand and prestige business sector. Were looking for outstanding mystery shoppers to help us evaluate customer service and sales efforts for our renowned clients, and would love you to join us.

5 Reasons to Join Us:

  1. Travel for free
  2. Experience great brands
  3. Make a real difference
  4. Taste great food
  5. Have fun!
National Training Awards and Mystery Shoppers Academy of Great Britain

Our clients are the best in their sector and want to learn how well their sales and service staff are representing their business. The most successful way to reliably test this is to use one of our team to rate how well they do, known as a mystery shopper. You could be one of these mystery shoppers by joining us here at Retail Active.

You will need to be conscientious, articulate and be able to recognise great service. There are no hidden fees, there’s no catch. You can earn money doing something you probably love anyway.

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Retail Active: Customer research evaluation, enabling clients to deliver 'Flawless Execution' of their offer Retail Active: providing the superior mystery shopping service on behalf of premium clientele Retail Active: providing brand and retail audits for premium brands and prestigious businesses